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Cheryl's Magic Flute

Experience the coolness of calmness with live therapeutic music



          Always "Cher-your-hope" !!!

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Therapeutic Music Services

Cheryl's Magic Flute is focused on providing high quality Therapeutic Music Services and Healing Arts for expression, stress reduction and wellness.

Serving ages 3-103! Private sessions & groups are available NOW in the Orlando, Florida area.


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l'll do everything I can to serve your unique and ongoing needs!

As a CMP, (Certified Music Practitioner) Educator B.A., Health Rhythms Empowerment Drumming Facilitator and a Chromotherapy Consultant, I have created a unique marriage of these natural, musical, artistic, health and energy modalities.

Learn more about the benefits and the studies on the "About" page.

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There's much more to come!


I laugh at myself for the health of it!


"Cher your Joy"!!!

(This video was made pre- Covid 19) These corporate employees are for the first time in their life, participating with Health Rhythms Empowerment Drumming for team building and stress reduction on the job site. With social distancing and masks, a small group of workers today can let go of excess anxiety and gain  the benefits found in the research of  Health Rhythms protocols. According to Dr. Barry Bittman, neurologist, M.D., author and researcher, for this protocol, found that one of the outcomes of the research showed that immunity is enhanced when people are engaged in this activity. Even cortisol, the stress hormone was reduced! This is a creative solution for reversing the classic stress response!!!  According to the following studies: